About Us

In early 2017, a group of passionate cinema and history buffs and art and watch enthusiasts, were able to acquire all of the remaining metal from the original Hollywood Sign with the goal of preserving history… but much more than preserving history, our goal was to find a way to hand the world’s sign back to the people. And so, Hollywood 1923 was born.

History should not be forgotten and distant. History can and should be at our very fingertips. Connected. Relevant. Timeless. So after much deliberation over how best to achieve this, we decided to fuse history and time together…

Working with America’s most famous old-world boutique watchmaker, Roland Murphy of RGM in Mt Joy, Pennsylvania, we created a luxury men's watch that would stand the test of time and become a repository of history with a section of the original sign integrated into the dial…history, at your fingertips. Only twelve were made of these supremely limited timepieces.

The Hollywood 1923 Watch

Check in with us frequently as we will be evolving our Hollywood Sign product offerings every few months to satisfy collectors of all tastes and budgets. Our mission is to provide caregivers of the sign with quality creative and aesthetically appealing products that embody the hopes, dreams, glamor and history of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Our team is passionate. We are dedicated, creative and hard working. We believe in the American Dream. We are making modern history with metal from the most famous American icon - the original Hollywood Sign from 1923 - accessible as a collectible to all.